Friday, 6 April 2007

The Wine Company

Went to the wine company at evans road to chill out after dinner. i have always liked to drink at this place because of the wonderful ambience. we were too full to order anything to eat, so no photos of food.
We just had a bottle of white wine and i guessed we really didn't know what was good and what was not .. cos we had a bottle that didn't taste nice .. haha.. gotta learn from the pros. i remembered having something really nice at this place, but i just cannot remember the name, and the menu that has like more than 50 different wines didn't help. i remembered it was sweet, and slightly sparkling.
Something interesting, they serve char kuay teow here and it's under the the pasta section on the menu. i've never tried it but i heard it was good, i guess that should be the reason why this item which seems so out of place on this menu is there in the first place...

A very nice place to hang out after dinner, after work, to chat or just for a drink. you gotta go to feel it for yourself.

address: 26 Evans Road #01-05, Evans Lodge
contact: 67321229
ambience: 9
taste: 6
service: 6
overall rating: 8


Anonymous said...

nice blog you have. perhaps you can tell your readers more regarding the prices and maybe have another rating such as how value for money the food is.

jx said...

Ok.. i will include a rating for value for money in my future postings, and as for the price, i'll try my best, because by the time i get to blog about the food, i uaually dun remember the price that clearly, but i will defintely remember if it's worth it .. haha .. thanks for your comment!! .. so drop by the blog often..