Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Pat's Oven

An interesting shop at vivocity selling snacks.
the thing that caught my eyes immediately was the macadamia nuts, flavoured with honey or wasabi or garlic or chilli. So i asked to sample the different flavours, and those nuts really taste good esp when it's still warm and crispy on the outside.. personal favourite is the garlic flavour. they also have dried fruits like mangoes, dates, figs etc which i dun fancy, so couldn't comment on that. but the macadamias are good!

address: Vivocity #02-133
ambience: 7
taste: 7
service: 6
overall rating: 6


SaNdy said...

Hi, always like to read your blogs as the photos taken are fantastic.

Anyway, I happened to drop by ViVo yesterday & I didn't forget to buy a pack of macadamias & tried the Godiva's dark choc ice blended. Both are indeed worth the money!

jx said...

I'm glad you like my photos and the food i recommend. Maybe you can also tell me places with nice food and i can go try it out and take some photos from there to post.