Sunday, 1 April 2007

Dian Xiao Er

Went to dian xiao er for dinner at vivo city, oh it was crowded at the door, but when they ask if we can have out food served immediately, we nedded and they gave us seats immediately, so i guess those people waiting at eth door were waiting for the latecomers to arrive. You can see their official website here
Roast Duck with ten wonders herb. This is their speciality, it;s a must eat, yje duck is tender, the skin is crispy and the sauce is very tasty, so tasty that i sytill wanted to taste it after we finished the duck
Long bean with xo sauce. this dish is normal.. nothing fantastic
Old style steam fish, very good. another dish that you should try.
Fried rice. better than normal places, the rice is nice and dry, not soggy or sticky, and very tasty. But i think if you have ordered the duck, the duck's sauce will taste nice with plain rice. maybe you can order a small fried rice to try and some plain rice to go with the duck sauce.
Highly recommended, 4 of us paid $70+ for a delicious and filling dinner.. totally worth it. ambience was quite interesting too, very old style, even the clothes worn by the staffs.

address: #02-137/8 VivoCity, they have a branch at marina square too
contact: 6376 9786
ambience: 8
taste: 8
service: 7
overall rating: 7

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