Sunday, 8 April 2007

Cafe Cartel

You get to see cafe cartel all over singapore. one of the things i like about it is the free flow of bread, i love to eat bread with frozen butter.. and here it's free!! you can take some of the grated cheese as toppings too, i missed the times in the past where their cheese contain herbs. if i was not wrong, the first branch that i've been to was the one at siglap..

I heard and seen many bad reviews about this place that their food is not good etc etc.. but one thing i feel that they are a cut above the rest is their death by chocolate milkshake, i wonder which brand of ice cream the use for this milkshake, cos it just has this special taste that i can't find in any other milkshakes. i could just walk in and order a glass of this milkshake, and sit there for a chat with a friend.

Anyway, i didn't order food this time round, these are the items my friends ordered
Some burger .. didn't get to taste it
St. louis ribs. i tried this before and i felt that it was not bad, the meat wan tender and sauce was sweet and nice.
Carbonara pasta. somewhat special with an uncooked egg yolk in the middle. taste wise, so so only.

Not recommending the food here, but if you heppen to be there some how, please order the milkshake, the chocolate one, i'm not too sure about the other flavours.

Updates (12 May 2007)
Went cartel for breakfast and realised that it's quite good, feels like those american continental buffet breakfast you get at nice hotels.
Bacon and sausage set

Ultimate set

French toast set

scrambled egg was good, sausage is nice and juicy, bacon is normal, french toast not bad, but the muffin sucks

address: see official website
contact: see link above
ambience: 6
taste: 5 (8 for chocolate milkshake)(6 for breakfast)
service: 6
value for money: 5 (8 for chocolate milkshake)
overall rating: 5


Anonymous said...

i used to like cafe cartel when there wasn't 10% service charge. it's fun to cut the bread yourself! lol.

i personally feel that their seafood platter or whatever platter are really bad.

their desserts are pretty nice.

but they have very tall glasses for ice cream. and the spoon is too short.

jx said...

oh.. they removed the 10% service charge again.. meaning you get the fun of cutting your own bread again, at least it's like that at the ps branch...

nanie said...

I don't like cafe cartel food leh... the few times I've been there have not left me with good impression :(

a Cartel Crew said...'s wat..try cafe cartel's cookies and cream's veri well as the stir fried teriyaki chicken.. =)

Anonymous said...

Tried the St Louis Rib....too SWEET. Was good at first bite, but become 'yuk'