Thursday, 19 April 2007

Eatzi Steakhouse & Bistro

Since a few months ago, i realised that the cafe at safra yishun undergone renovation and the place is taken over by eatzi steakhouse & bistro. if i'm not wrong, they belong to the same company as jack's place. finally got a chance to have a lunch session there.

Went through their menu and realised that the price is a little steep for a neighbourhood pool side cafe, until i saw the set lunches. these set meals looked more suitable for me as a casual weekday lunch.
Fried calamari, quite a small serving. presentation is not very good, not too bad on the taste, really crispy on the outside.
Deep fried dory fillet. $10.50 for the meal which includes tea, soup and a small cake. the frying was done quite well but i think the fish wasn't very fresh, the fish meat kept breaking up in to small chunks when i tried to pick it up with my fork.
Half spring chicken with sambal sauce, this is quite worth it at $8. chicken is fried till it's crispy on the skin but it's meat is still tender, sambal sauce is a failure, even the ketchup goes better with the chicken.

There weren't many people at the restsurant when we were there at 12 plus in the afternoon. the food wouldn't make me wanna go back or wanna recommend to others. but i like the ambience, quite shoik and different to be able to have lunch by the pool. maybe next time i try the other items on the menu, hoping to find better food here.

address: 60 Yishun Ave 4, Safra Yishun
contact: 68528270/67562118
ambience: 7
taste: 5
service: 7
value for money: 7 (more for the ambience than the food)
overall rating: if you happen to be near yishun, can got there for lunch.

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fatpig said...

Hi there! A few of us are getting together to have a dinner on the 10th of May at Hua Ting or Peach Garden. Would you be interested to join us?