Sunday, 15 June 2008

SoShiok Gourmet Safari

Posted some entries on to try my luck in winning the gourmet safari about a month back and woah.. i really won, so called up 3 friends and off we went to novena square 2 for a sumptuous lunch on a sat afternoon.

First up, secret recipe. have tried the food here quite a number of times, and my fave has always been the lamb. today we chose the lamb again, and also the dory fish, lamb was still really tender as i have expected, and as a lover of potato, i find the mash quite nicely done. didn't really like the fish, probably cos the gravy was made from lobster broth and it gave a very fishy taste, the texture of the fish wasn't very great too. white choc macadamia cake was a little too sweet, the banana chocolate cake is still a better choice.

Next, we moved on to zhou's kitchen, a chain by the tung lok group, a general comment i would give is that the food tasted very homecooked, if you are a person who like the feeling of having home cooked food, this is a good place you can try. loved the sweet potato leaves, always prefer it to sambal kangkong, but you dun get it very often at the usual places. they cooked it very well here too, smooth and tasty. the xing hua noodle wasn't quite my kind of dish, a little bland, and the gravy was gluey. the pork was really good, tender but not fatty, soaked with the tastiness of the sauce, something nice to go with rice. dumplings were awesome, seldom you get to have dumplings with the skin so smooth so thin so silky, this is a must try.

Round 3, seoul yummy. The shrimp roe bibimbab with beef was ok, probably we were too full for rice, didn't really like this much, but i must say that their sliced beef was really tender and fill of taste, a little sweetness from the sauce, i think i'll have to try their beef alone the next time. didn't try the octopus cos i do not like octopus, dumplings were a little dry, the meat in it is not tender. dessert is really good, wanted to eat the items separately until we were told to toss them all together, the ice mixing with the yogurt ice cream was refreshing, a slightly different taste and texture from other desserts you get outside.

Finally, with a stomach that's already very full, we moved on to the last stop, lerk thai. pomelo salad and prawn cakes are a must. very spicy salad but the sweetness from the pomelo sort of mellowed the spiciness down a little. prawn cake was really good, freshly made, it had a really nice chewy texture. phad thai was too salty and i feel that the noodle was a little over cooked. didn't really like the pudding too, too much sago at the bottom of it and it made the whole thing a little mushy. if you are going there, remember to try the salad and the prawn cake.

Gotta thank for the wonderful lunch we had at novena square2!!

Thursday, 5 June 2008

Food for Thought

Stumbled upon this place quite a while ago, and have been to this place quite a few times since then, but i think i have been busy and just realised that i have not wrote about the food here. it's a small eatery, about to hold around 20 to 30 pax. had attended a birthday celebration there and it was good, warm and cozy place very a group of very friendly staffs, you will feel good dining and chatting or just lazing there.

Their signature soup, mushroom soup. one interesting thing about their soup is that although it looks creamy, no cream or milk was added to it. i dun really like the mushroom soup cos i personally dislike the taste of the chinese and the shitake mushroom. but if you are a shitake lover, i;m sure you'll love this soup. tried the broccoli soup, but i felt that it was a little bland, had to add pepper and quite an amount of salt to taste. would love to try the potato and leek but haven't had the chance.

There were quite a number of us so we decided to take the platter for many, and i love the way they serve the food, we get to eat almost everything, they serve 3 different salads, and all the different sandwich fillings, a good way to sample all their food.

Tomato lemongrass corn salad, just realised it's tlc.. interesting. chinese chicken caesar and i cannot remember the last one. the chinese caesar is really interesting, the dressing was dark soy sauce, a very new taste for salad and it's really nice.. something you never get anywhere else.

Oven-roasted steak, i find it a little tough, and tasteless, very dry with the bread. braised pork, very chinese taste, spicy with dark sauce and tofu pieces which we thought was cheese on the first glance, this is good with the bread, with the taste gravy, the bread don't seem that dry anymore.

Grilled sausage duo, slow roasted pulled pork, basil pesto chicken. the pork was heavenly, so soft and tasty, goes really well with their homemade bread. sausages were just normal, nothing special. chicken was not bad too, favourite is still the pork here!!

A place i would go again just because of the friendly staffs they have there, of course not forgetting the nice ambience, do call them if you want them to prepare food for a small gathering for you, i suggest 20 pax, more than that will get the place really heated up, unless they have upgraded their air conditioning system.

Check out their website here!!.

address: 420 North Bridge Road, North Bridge Centre, #01-06
contact: 6338 8724
ambience: 8
taste: 7
service: 8
value for money: 7
overall rating: cozy place for small gatherings, very friendly staffs