Saturday, 27 January 2007

Sum Kee

This is a zi char stall in loon seng restaurant, we went there for the ipoh hor fun but because of the small serving, we decided to order some zi char from the stall there. it was a bad choice, cos the food was not nice at all. luckily the ipoh hor fun was good, if not, we would have totally wasted an evening paying for lousy food.
Salad pork, the taste of the salad coating and the deep fried pork dun seem to match, quite a strange tasting dish.
Thai style steam fish, the thai sauce was spicy and sour, it's quite nice, but sadly the fish doesn't seem to be fresh.
Dou miao, this one is good, tasty and cooked just right, the vege is not too cooked, the best dish of the 3 we ordered

address: 429 River Valley Road (loon seng restaurant)
contact: 63338556
ambience: 3
taste: 3
service: 4
overall rating: not worth the try, no need to try

Thursday, 25 January 2007

Ikea Restaurant

This should be a place that many of us singaporeans are familiar with, because i guess we all have bought some stuffs from ikea for our home, and when you are there, you won't miss this cafe or restaurant. ikea members have got free drinks and discounted meals there too. have been there numerous times, it's always very crowded during lunch time. now that they open another branch at tampines which has a much bigger sitting capacity, hopefully the queue will move faster at peak hours
Swedish meatballs, my favourite dish there. the meatballs aren't fantastic but it taste good with the sauce and the jam, i always ask for extra sauce, it's never enough for the potato as well
Poached salmon, served with broccoli and potato
Egg fried rice with roast chicken, taste like chicken rice, one of the local dish they serve
The princess cake and the punch cake. punch cake taste good, i think there;s liquor in it.
The daim cake, you will like this if you like sweet stuffs. have you tried the daim candy that they sell at the ikea shop? it taste similar with butterscotch and chocolate. couldn't remember the name for the other 2 dessert. dun really think they are nice though

The meatballs is my favourite, but i do hear from people that the standard has dropped, it's not as nice as it was before. any one has got any views about this?

They also serve local specialities like chicken curry with rice, the curry is quite good i must say. of course homemade one by my mum is the best, but if you compare with the chicken curry that you find outside, it's one of the better ones.

address: 317 Alexandra Road / 60 Tampines North Drive 2
contact: 6786 6868
ambience: 7
taste: 7
service: 7
overall rating: food is better than most cafes, a good place for a casual meal

The Daily Scoop

Have always liked the ice cream from the daily scoop, but to get there, you must have a car, it's very inaccessible by normal public transport. They have very interesting flavours anf they make the ice cream in the shop itself.It's always very crowded when i go there, this time round i went there on a sat night, took us some time to dins a table for ourselves, it's a small little cafe very cosy, but not suitable for long chats cos the tables are small and so are the seats.
Forgotten to take a photo of the ice cream when we first got it, only remembered about taking photo when we are halfway through eating the ice cream so i can only show you this. my favourite flavour is simply chocolate, very rich dark chocolate, oooouuu... very very good.. lychee martini is not bad too, you can actually feel that lychee chunks in the ice cream. i also like their durian flavour, it's rich in flavour but not very sweet.
Here's their name card, made in an interesting shape of an ice cream cone, on the other side, they listed all their ice cream flavours..
Do pop by this nice dessert place if you happen to be having dinner in clementi or bt timah area, you won't regret it.

address: 41 Sunset Way, #01-04 Clementi Arcade
contact: 64633365
ambience: 8
taste: 8
service: 7
overall rating: very good, go there if you have a car, must try the simply chocolate flavour

Tanglin Halt Western Food

I think this stall used to be at tanglin halt, but currently, it's residing in the big hawker centre at clementi central, this stall is opposite the posb bank. went there on a sat evening, there was no queue, so we ordered. haha no queue doesn't mean very fast, although there was no physical queue of human beings like the satay stall beside it, the wait was long because the orders have formed a long long queue, just that customers are waiting at their seats. we waited for more than half an hour for our chicken cutlet and chicken chop.
Luckily the food was good, chicken cutlet tasted like kfc original flavour, which i like. but this one, they topped it up with their own sweet sauce. very good.. you usually dun get any sauce on chicken cutlets, it would have been even better if the chicken meat wasn't that tough. but on the whole, i feel that it's worth the wait. go try it for yourself!!

address: Clementi Central Hawker Centre #01-20
ambience: 3
taste: 7
service: 5
overall rating: food is quite good, worth the wait

Saturday, 20 January 2007

Ajisen Ramen

Went to ajisen ramen at funan centre for lunch, the place was quite empty for a lunch time, no crowd at all. took up the lunch set where you get an ajisen standard ramen and you can choose a side dish. plus an ice lemon tea
Fried chicken, taste exactly like the ones you buy froaen from ntuc and you can deep fry it at home.
Dumplings, this one not bad, slightly above average.
Standard ajisen ramen, a little salty, but i'm ok with it, i can take quite salty food. the noodles was quite good, very bouncy. their noodles are supposed to have 2 layers, one for the inside and one on the outside, so if you are there, try looking at it closely when you break a noodle strand, you can actually see 2 layers... but i'm not sure how that affects the texture of the noodle.

contact: (too many branches to list here)
ambience: 6
taste: 6
service: 5
overall rating: just go try a bowl of ramen for the noodle. can give the side dishes a miss

Thursday, 18 January 2007

Ubin Seafood

Started in pulau ubin, this restaurant has got 2 branches in singapore, the one we went to is a new branch at bukit timah, at the junction with sixth avenue, near the sixth avenue cold storage, you won't miss it if you travel along bukit timah road towards woodlands direction.Very nice al fresco dining area, but you gotta make a reservation in order to get seats there, we didn't, thus we only got seats in the building itself. Food wasn't as great as i expected it to be. we wanted mainly to try the crabs so we ordered the chilli crab and their famous garlic pepper crab.. here are some of the dishes we ordered
Spring onion deer meat, the deer meat is a little tough, but taste wise it's not bad.
Vegetable with beancurd, very normal dish, nothing spectacular.
Garlic dou miow, another dish where you can get at most zi char stall, average taste.
Ubin fried rice, we got this dish free because they made a mistake and cooked this when we did not order it. i wonder why this fried rice is famous.
Garlic pepper crab. seldom see crab dishes dry, but the garlic pepper is really something special and the 2 different tastes actually blend quite nicely. i'm not a good person to comment on crabs cos i dun really fancy crabs, so if anyone there have tried this, you can probably comment on it better. personally i quite like this dish.
Chilli crab, this is my favourite kind of crab, and you gotta eat it with fried mantou, to me the chilli sauce is so much more important than the carb itself, the chilli sauce here is slightly above average, have tried quite a few better ones.

Here's the al fresco dining area with quite a few fans installed, so you dun have to worry that it's going to be too warm. we went there on a cool evening, so the place was quite comfortable.
address: 797 Bukit Timah Road / Marina Country Club & Resort, Ponggol 17th Ave
contact: 6466 9558(Bt Timah) / 6875 5595(Punggol) /
ambience: 7
taste: 6
service: 6.5
overall rating: not a must go, you may want to go to confirm my views of the food

Saturday, 13 January 2007

Aji-Tei Japanese Restaurant

Visited this japanese restaurant at basement 2 level of takashimaya. they seemed to have wonderful dessert in their menu, but we didn't try the dessert. only went there for dinner and decided to go somewhere else for dessert.

The food was not too bad, but it wasn't fantastic. they have quite some dishes that you cannot find at the usual conveyor belt japanese restaurants. they have this omelette called tonpeiyaki(top right item in photo below) which has slices of pork in the omelette served on a heap of fine cabbage strips, that one was good!! the black pepper ton toro looked good too (top left), but it was a little overcooked, cos it was quite tough when you bite it. maybe because the mains didn't really impress us, so we decided to give the dessert a miss.

Service isn't very good too, the waiters and waitresses dun seem to be professional, but for the price you pay there, we cannot be expecting too much. the price is generally cheap as compared to other japanaese restaurant.

address: Bugis Junction 01-88-09 /Takashimaya Department Store B210-2
contact: 6333-9880(Bugis), 6732-4873(Taka)
ambience: 7
taste: 6
service: 6
overall rating: the food is quite cheap, can try is you are there.

Friday, 12 January 2007

Best Ipoh Hor Fun

I loved the ipoh hor fun at river valley and i have never tried any other ipoh hor fun that's nicer than this one. it's actually an old coffee shop but it's called loon seng restaurant. It'a situated at the junction of river valley road and kellock road. a few parallel parking lots along kellock road, or you can just park illegally in front of the coffee shop where you can see you car at all times
Usually the hor fun is cooked by a small sized old uncle that still looks quite healthy, but this time it was a lady, probably his daughter, cooking it. it still taste as nice though. serving is quite small, for those who have a large appetite, you might wanna order more food from other stalls.

Another must try is the kaya and butter toast, i dunno how they can actually slice the bread so thinly to make the toast really crispy(what other word can i use for this case?). and it must be taken immediately after it's served, when the butter melts, it's not as nice anymore. i was also told that the roast duck and char siew rice is very good, but when we ordered it last week, it's was only so so... maybe individual's preference really differ..

Go try it and let me know if you think the hor fun is nice!! .. i was told the hor fun stall was there for very long, a friend's parents actually went there to eat when they were partor-ing!! and it was the same uncle preparing the hor fun then too!

address: 429 River Valley Road
ambience: 2
taste: 8
service: 3
overall rating: just go for the tasty and cheap hor fun

Milk & Honey Cafe

Stumbled upon this concept cafe called milk & honey after having dinner at binjai park, the sign looked very modern but the interior looks kinda retro .. i quite like the contrast. Walk into bingjai park from bt timah road, once you see signs of shop houses, you should be able to see this cafe in the first row.Ambience was quite good there, weather was good, so we sat outside, i had green apple lemonade, and we also ordered a chocolate fudge cake (not bad.. you can order this if you do go there) and a peach cheese cake (never ever order this, big mistake .... )

It's a relaxing place to got for a cup of tea and chit chat, very peaceful surroundings, not like the usual coffee joints in town where you see lots of people walking past and everyone seems to be rushing for time. over here you actually feel that time has stopped, serene environment.

address: 3 Binjai Park
contact: 64634710
ambience: 8
taste: 5
service: 6
overall rating: average food, very good environment, go there to relax

Any One Reading?

Have started this blog for some time, but so far i only received a couple of comments in the entries. makes me wonder if there's anyone reading this food blog.

If you are reading this ... leave some comments ok? especially if you have tried the food, let me know your views on the food.. it just seems a little boring here if there no comments going on, it feels as if i;m talking to myself... haha

Thursday, 4 January 2007

Madam Kwan's

Whenever i go to kl, this is a place i will never miss for a meal. madam kwan's at klcc is a place where you can find delicious local food. initially when i was reccommended this place, i saw the menu and thought it was overpriced local food. cos they serve items like nasi lemak, chicken rice, plain noodle soup, laksa etc... which you can easily find at food courts and coffee shops.

But after trying it out because it was reccommended by a few people, i realised that the food here is simply fantastic. yes it was the food that we see anywhere out there, but it's just a lot tastier here, and now you have a nice environment and good service together with it. they even put strawberries inthe plain water that they serve you.

Nasi lemak, be careful, it's really very spicy, not reccommended for those who cannot take spicy food.
Assam laksa, most of us in singapore call this the penang laksa. this used to be really good, but on this visit, the fish didn't taste as fresh, i'll take it that it's just this time, unless it's the same the next time i come.

I've been here countless times, so if you are here, there are a few items in the menu that i can reccommend. nasi bojari, plain noodle soup (yes the plain noodle soup is tasty unlike it's name), fried rice, beef rendang, chicken rice with mushroom. if anyone ask me what is nice there, i can say "everything" quite confidently.. so remember to give it a try and let me know how you feel about the food here.

address: Suria KLCC Level 4, KL, Malaysia
contact: (60)(3)2026 2297
ambience: 8
taste: 9
service: 8
overall rating: You must not miss this if you are in KL, it's the best

Wednesday, 3 January 2007

Zi Ran Seafood

A chinese zi char stall in queenstown area. a friend reccommended this place, so we went there, wanting to try the crabs... but the chilli crab was really a dissappointment. some of the dishes were nice though.
Chilli crabs, the chili sauce was more like tomato sauce with lots of ginger in it, you can actually taste the ginger very distinctively.. not nice at all...
Zao pai tofu, a very simple dish, not too bad, simple and nice
Vege was quite tasty too..
Chicken with curry leaves, this is the best of all the dishes we ordered, i have never tasted anything like that, the chicken was very tender and the fragrance of the curry leaves was perfect with the chicken, must order this if you happen to go there for dinner.

address: Blk 164 Stirling Road
ambience: 3
taste: 6
service: 3
overall rating: only certain dishes are nice