Friday, 12 January 2007

Milk & Honey Cafe

Stumbled upon this concept cafe called milk & honey after having dinner at binjai park, the sign looked very modern but the interior looks kinda retro .. i quite like the contrast. Walk into bingjai park from bt timah road, once you see signs of shop houses, you should be able to see this cafe in the first row.Ambience was quite good there, weather was good, so we sat outside, i had green apple lemonade, and we also ordered a chocolate fudge cake (not bad.. you can order this if you do go there) and a peach cheese cake (never ever order this, big mistake .... )

It's a relaxing place to got for a cup of tea and chit chat, very peaceful surroundings, not like the usual coffee joints in town where you see lots of people walking past and everyone seems to be rushing for time. over here you actually feel that time has stopped, serene environment.

address: 3 Binjai Park
contact: 64634710
ambience: 8
taste: 5
service: 6
overall rating: average food, very good environment, go there to relax


Gillian Tan said...

Hi! I was just singing at Milk & Honey so I was wondering if it's ok to list your link on my website. Do let me know. Thanks!

My site is

jx said...

Hi Gillian, no prob. I'm more than happy when i get links from others.. :)

Gillian Tan said...

Thank you so very much and all the best. Your site is so appetizing. Love it! :-)