Wednesday, 3 January 2007

Zi Ran Seafood

A chinese zi char stall in queenstown area. a friend reccommended this place, so we went there, wanting to try the crabs... but the chilli crab was really a dissappointment. some of the dishes were nice though.
Chilli crabs, the chili sauce was more like tomato sauce with lots of ginger in it, you can actually taste the ginger very distinctively.. not nice at all...
Zao pai tofu, a very simple dish, not too bad, simple and nice
Vege was quite tasty too..
Chicken with curry leaves, this is the best of all the dishes we ordered, i have never tasted anything like that, the chicken was very tender and the fragrance of the curry leaves was perfect with the chicken, must order this if you happen to go there for dinner.

address: Blk 164 Stirling Road
ambience: 3
taste: 6
service: 3
overall rating: only certain dishes are nice


Marcus Chow said...

This is not the original!!! There was another one further down Stirling Rd, Blk 700+...then the area was renovated and they dissappeared!??....can you find the other Zi Ran Hai Sian???

jx said...

Hi Marcus... that original zi ran hai xian shifted to here.. click the link below