Saturday, 20 January 2007

Ajisen Ramen

Went to ajisen ramen at funan centre for lunch, the place was quite empty for a lunch time, no crowd at all. took up the lunch set where you get an ajisen standard ramen and you can choose a side dish. plus an ice lemon tea
Fried chicken, taste exactly like the ones you buy froaen from ntuc and you can deep fry it at home.
Dumplings, this one not bad, slightly above average.
Standard ajisen ramen, a little salty, but i'm ok with it, i can take quite salty food. the noodles was quite good, very bouncy. their noodles are supposed to have 2 layers, one for the inside and one on the outside, so if you are there, try looking at it closely when you break a noodle strand, you can actually see 2 layers... but i'm not sure how that affects the texture of the noodle.

contact: (too many branches to list here)
ambience: 6
taste: 6
service: 5
overall rating: just go try a bowl of ramen for the noodle. can give the side dishes a miss


Kim Kian said...

I found the food at Ajisen terrible. It was probably the worst ramen I've had. I agree with you that the side dishes can be left out.

Andy Wong said...

I saw your food blog, and you mentioned a couple of ramen restaurants.

Debbie and I (Andy) (a bro and sis pair) are importing some ramen noodles with soup base packs to Singapore, and they are of similar taste to those ramen soup noodles you get from Ajisen Restaurant.

We hope Singaporeans (maybe Malaysians as well in the future) will have access to value for money and tasty ramen soup noodles at home in comfort and convenience :)
(1 pack is for 2 person).

I wonder if you would like to try some, I can send a complimentary pack for you to taste. :)

My email is, and I can send you the photos as well.

-Andy Wong