Friday, 12 January 2007

Best Ipoh Hor Fun

I loved the ipoh hor fun at river valley and i have never tried any other ipoh hor fun that's nicer than this one. it's actually an old coffee shop but it's called loon seng restaurant. It'a situated at the junction of river valley road and kellock road. a few parallel parking lots along kellock road, or you can just park illegally in front of the coffee shop where you can see you car at all times
Usually the hor fun is cooked by a small sized old uncle that still looks quite healthy, but this time it was a lady, probably his daughter, cooking it. it still taste as nice though. serving is quite small, for those who have a large appetite, you might wanna order more food from other stalls.

Another must try is the kaya and butter toast, i dunno how they can actually slice the bread so thinly to make the toast really crispy(what other word can i use for this case?). and it must be taken immediately after it's served, when the butter melts, it's not as nice anymore. i was also told that the roast duck and char siew rice is very good, but when we ordered it last week, it's was only so so... maybe individual's preference really differ..

Go try it and let me know if you think the hor fun is nice!! .. i was told the hor fun stall was there for very long, a friend's parents actually went there to eat when they were partor-ing!! and it was the same uncle preparing the hor fun then too!

address: 429 River Valley Road
ambience: 2
taste: 8
service: 3
overall rating: just go for the tasty and cheap hor fun


Kartono said...

HAHA! tried the orh fun~ VERY NICE! somemore it is 2.50SGD only. now is the son or daughter tending the store already.

baby jeremy said...

I'm so glad you featured this on your blog. This understated ipoh hor fun is the best i had so far in Singapore. It has been around for ages and now heard that it has moved due to renovations. Any idea where it went?