Thursday, 18 January 2007

Ubin Seafood

Started in pulau ubin, this restaurant has got 2 branches in singapore, the one we went to is a new branch at bukit timah, at the junction with sixth avenue, near the sixth avenue cold storage, you won't miss it if you travel along bukit timah road towards woodlands direction.Very nice al fresco dining area, but you gotta make a reservation in order to get seats there, we didn't, thus we only got seats in the building itself. Food wasn't as great as i expected it to be. we wanted mainly to try the crabs so we ordered the chilli crab and their famous garlic pepper crab.. here are some of the dishes we ordered
Spring onion deer meat, the deer meat is a little tough, but taste wise it's not bad.
Vegetable with beancurd, very normal dish, nothing spectacular.
Garlic dou miow, another dish where you can get at most zi char stall, average taste.
Ubin fried rice, we got this dish free because they made a mistake and cooked this when we did not order it. i wonder why this fried rice is famous.
Garlic pepper crab. seldom see crab dishes dry, but the garlic pepper is really something special and the 2 different tastes actually blend quite nicely. i'm not a good person to comment on crabs cos i dun really fancy crabs, so if anyone there have tried this, you can probably comment on it better. personally i quite like this dish.
Chilli crab, this is my favourite kind of crab, and you gotta eat it with fried mantou, to me the chilli sauce is so much more important than the carb itself, the chilli sauce here is slightly above average, have tried quite a few better ones.

Here's the al fresco dining area with quite a few fans installed, so you dun have to worry that it's going to be too warm. we went there on a cool evening, so the place was quite comfortable.
address: 797 Bukit Timah Road / Marina Country Club & Resort, Ponggol 17th Ave
contact: 6466 9558(Bt Timah) / 6875 5595(Punggol) /
ambience: 7
taste: 6
service: 6.5
overall rating: not a must go, you may want to go to confirm my views of the food

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