Thursday, 25 January 2007

Tanglin Halt Western Food

I think this stall used to be at tanglin halt, but currently, it's residing in the big hawker centre at clementi central, this stall is opposite the posb bank. went there on a sat evening, there was no queue, so we ordered. haha no queue doesn't mean very fast, although there was no physical queue of human beings like the satay stall beside it, the wait was long because the orders have formed a long long queue, just that customers are waiting at their seats. we waited for more than half an hour for our chicken cutlet and chicken chop.
Luckily the food was good, chicken cutlet tasted like kfc original flavour, which i like. but this one, they topped it up with their own sweet sauce. very good.. you usually dun get any sauce on chicken cutlets, it would have been even better if the chicken meat wasn't that tough. but on the whole, i feel that it's worth the wait. go try it for yourself!!

address: Clementi Central Hawker Centre #01-20
ambience: 3
taste: 7
service: 5
overall rating: food is quite good, worth the wait

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Anonymous said...

Try a western food stall at brickwood Hawker centre (AKA ABC Market).
-near IKEA Alexandra
Stall name: Wild Wild West
(Last row)

Reason:Nice food, big potion,value for money,good service