Saturday, 27 January 2007

Sum Kee

This is a zi char stall in loon seng restaurant, we went there for the ipoh hor fun but because of the small serving, we decided to order some zi char from the stall there. it was a bad choice, cos the food was not nice at all. luckily the ipoh hor fun was good, if not, we would have totally wasted an evening paying for lousy food.
Salad pork, the taste of the salad coating and the deep fried pork dun seem to match, quite a strange tasting dish.
Thai style steam fish, the thai sauce was spicy and sour, it's quite nice, but sadly the fish doesn't seem to be fresh.
Dou miao, this one is good, tasty and cooked just right, the vege is not too cooked, the best dish of the 3 we ordered

address: 429 River Valley Road (loon seng restaurant)
contact: 63338556
ambience: 3
taste: 3
service: 4
overall rating: not worth the try, no need to try

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