Friday, 12 January 2007

Any One Reading?

Have started this blog for some time, but so far i only received a couple of comments in the entries. makes me wonder if there's anyone reading this food blog.

If you are reading this ... leave some comments ok? especially if you have tried the food, let me know your views on the food.. it just seems a little boring here if there no comments going on, it feels as if i;m talking to myself... haha


pinkdewy said...

Aiyo... From the visitor hits you can see got ppl read ur blog wat. I chanced upon ur blog from Cruz's blog actually. I like to listen to his "nonsense" on 93.3
Your food blog is interesting but could be more detailed in description of the food and location. Ganbatte!

jx said...

visitor hits show that people load the page, but i dunno if they read what i wrote in the blog.. ok i'll put more details in the the decription.. hopefully it will help you people to choose where you can go for meals!!

pinkdewy said...

Not sure if you read this before but it's really informative for me.
Sorry not sure if appropriate to post the url but you can delete it if you want :)

jx said...

oh, that's a nice blog... really got lots of details .. and the concept is so similar to mine... gotta go talk to the blogger... maybe can share some views on the food we tasted.. haha ... thanks for the link!! dun worry about posting the links here, i'm more than glad to see others who have got the same hobby!! .. this is not a commercial site, so more links better!! :-)

Anonymous said...

hihi i chanced upon your blog while surfing the net. found your blog interesting & will certainly continue to visit..

keep it up yeah =)