Monday, 31 March 2008


Whenever i'm at vivo and i walk past bosses restaurant, i can't help but be attracted by the beautiful decor, and have been wanting to try it since long ago, and finally, i had my chance and here's my review of the food they serve.
For a start, you'll be served with this as appetiser, fresh carrots and this roll of hhmmm wanton skin? but it's quite tasty, something different from the usual peanuts..
Spinach with butter. dun really like this cos the vege has a very strong mud taste in it.. the gravy was nice though, with the rich butter taste.
Deep fried spicy chicken cubes. reminds me of the fried chicken cubes from the streets of taiwan. here the meat is done very nicely, tender on the inside, crispy on the outside. not as spicy as it seems ...
Wasabi prawns, very fresh prawns, wasabi flavour was just right, not too choking, this dish is getting more and more popular, seeing more chinese restaurant serving this nowadays.
Ma po tofu. this is fantastic, a little salty though, but it's good to go with plain rice, nothing special about the tofu, it's the gravy that i really like, i can eat just this alone with rice!!
Xiao long bao. i cannot deny the fact that this xiao long bao is the one with the most soup/gravy in it that i have every tasted, definitely more juicy then that of ding tai feng or crystal jade or imperial treasures. but there's something about the skin that made it lose out to the rest, else it would easily be the best!!
Sweet and sour pork. almost perfect, meat was tender, sweet and sour coating tasted just nice, i have tried some places where the vinegar smell was too unbearable, but this is good.

Check out the meat, it's pinkish, very soft, this dish is a must if you happen to be there!!

Had a generally good impression with the food and the service here, will definitely go again, probably going to try their dim sum next time round..

address: Vivo City #02-156/157
contact: 63769740
ambience: 9
taste: 8
service: 7
value for money: 8
overall rating: most of the dishes are good, worth the money although it's a little pricier than the usual chinese restaurant