Wednesday, 4 March 2009


Got to know about this place very very long ago... more than 15 years ago(if i didn't remember wrongly) and have loved the food there since the first time i stepped in. Food was affordable, very affordable and most of the dishes were really tasty. Dessert is nice too, ok there was once occasion where i had the dessert there and the coconut milk has turned bad.. but that didn't stop me from recommending this place to friends... finally, i took photos of the food and decided to post it here.

Ayam buah keluak, chicken cooked with the buah keluak nut. personally i dun like the nut but many friends actually love it, they will spend time to dig out the nut to eat however difficult it might be. this dish can be quite spicy.

Fried ngo hiang , actually this dish is quite normal, but i happen to like to have this dish with sweet sauce and they do serve it with sweet sauce (if you ask for the sauce).

Babi ponteh, quite a famous peranakan dish, you should know if you watch little nonya right? the one they have here is served with lean meat, dun seem sinful..

Honey pork, this is my favourite since the first time i put it in my mouth, doesn't look nice at all cos it looks like some charred meat, but it's sweet and somewhat reminds you of ba kwa. small serving, remember to order more servings if there's a large group.

Pong tauhu, another item on the menu that i will always order, the soup is really tasty with the bamboo shoots. pork ball is tender, probably because of the mixture with the tofu.

Garam assam fish head, we changed the fish head to fish fillet instead, cos felt that it's a little difficult to dig the meat out of the head. will order this if i'm there with a big group (say 4 or more) if you are in a small group, you can order the ikan masak assam pedas, almost the same, i feel that the gravy is the same, just smaller portion.

Daun keledek lemak, sweet potato leaves, cooked in a rather special way, cos there's quite a bit of gravy in this, coconut based but not thick, so you won't feel sick of it even if you have quite a bit of it.

Generally the dishes have quite a bit of gravy, unless if you order the fried stuffs, and the gravy is rather tasty, just nice if you are having it with plain rice.. they serve yellow rice (coconut) too, which will be more suitable if you are not taking the dishes with gravy, or if you like to have your rice dry...

address: 19/21 Binjai Park
contact: 6468 3060 (Website)
ambience: 6 (your clothes might smell a little after your meal)
taste: 8
service: 7
value for money: 8
overall rating: 8