Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Bab Noodle

A friend suggested having dinner at bab noodle at millenia walk, so went there for dinner with 5 other people. ordered a main each and some side dishes

Century egg with cold tofu, quite normal, nothing special, but i guess you cannot expect anything much from this, at least the tofu is fresh and the century egg is not mushy.

Chawanmushi, the egg seems more firm then the usual one i see. not as smooth and soft as the better ones.

Chilli soft shell crab, something interesting, the gravy is spicy, similar to the chilli crab gravy, only difference is that it's over deep fried soft shell crab instead of the usual large crabs. i find the gravy very spicy.

Tori karaage, fried chicken cubes, very tender meat and the skin is nicely done.

Ginseng chicken soup with vermicelli, the soup is really very tasty, very powerful. the chicken was totally cooked, the meat just breaks off from the bone easily. the glass noodles is just soso. but i really recommend this one. must try

The other items were ordered by my friends and i didn't get to try them, some were good and some were not.. i guess you'll have to go and try it for yourself to know.

address: 9 Raffles Boulevard, #01-20 Millenia Walk
contact: 6336 6770
ambience: 8
taste: 7
service: 7
value for money: 7
overall rating: Food is not bad, nice place for dinner

Thursday, 22 May 2008

BBQ Chicken

Looking for a place for dinner before a movie and saw this new place at the basement of cineleisure, decided to give it a try since the chicken on the posters look really nice and juicy. the place is more like a cafe rather than a restaurant.
Jerk chicken, not as nice as i tot it would be, although the korean bbq sauce is not bad, a little sweet, but i still prefer the next one..
Korean charboiled chicken. this is very nice, totally recommend this. actually, if there's 2 or more person, you can order both the chicken i posted here and share them.

Their fries are very nice too, fat and crispy on the outside, warm and soft on the inside.. just like the ones you get at mos burger.

address: Cathay Cineleisure Orchard, 8 Grange Road, B1-04/05
contact: 68873638
ambience: 6
taste: 7
service: 7
value for money: 7
overall rating: Chicken and fries are quite good

Monday, 19 May 2008

Ministry of Food

Walked past mof many times when i was shopping around at marina square. finally got a chance to try the food there, from the posters, the food looks very similar to what you get at azabu sabo. the queue was really long on a friday evening, waited more than half hour to get a seat. and the food was served very promptly after ordering.. very efficient.

Wasabi seafood salad. the dressing was really nice, personally i like wasabi, it's some sort of a wasabi mayo sauce, the seafood can be better though. doesn't seem really fresh, the ones at azabu was much better.
Agedashi tofu, friends ordered this and i realised when i was looking through the photos that i didn't try this.... so i guess there's nothing i can comment about the taste
Yakiniku bento set, meat is tender and really tasty, the egg is made quite ingeniously, i wonder how to make the egg into small little balls, sweet tasting egg over the rice is nice.
Cold soba. i always order this when i have jap food. the soba here seemed to be a little soft, not as chewy as i thought it should be. dun really think it's good.
Three colour bento set. If i'm not wrong , it's minced pork, diced cucumber and eggs. i personally find that diced cucumber tasted funny when mixed with rice like that. the egg is good..
Chicken karage (i'm not too sure if it's spelt this way). not as good as i expected since it was a chef recommendation. nothing special.
Unagi with tofu. i didn't get to try this as well.. but from the one who ordered this, it seems not bad.
Cannot remember the name, very obvious on the last page of the dessert menu, it's roasted mochi with peanut powder.. a little tasteless, good if you have many people to share, i feel that it's too boring to eat this whole thing if there's only 2 or 3 person.
Cannot remember the name too... try to recognise how it looks like and order it from the menu. the red bean paste was absolutely fantastic!! i will order this again just because of the red bean paste!! everything else in it is normal.

address: Marina Square #02-138E
contact: 63342202
ambience: 8
taste: 6
service: 8
value for money: 6
overall rating: Quite expensive for the standard of food they serve, i rather go Azabu Sabo