Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Azabu Sabo

Second time here for a meal, i have heard good and bad reviews from this restaurant, but there are a few items i like, so i won't mind going for those items.Check out their website. you get to see the menu there before going down to try it out.
Seafood salad, very nice jap style salad with the usual jap tasting salad dressing, the prawn is quite fresh, but the scallop seems a little tasteless.

This is my favourite, it's the cold ramen with seafood in sesame mayonnaise. something different, very refreshing, lot's of chopped lettuce and almond flakes, making it slightly crunchy. you must try this.

Chicken teriyaki bento. i didn't try this but i think it's not bad too.

Hot bowl with ice cream. this is a very special dessert too, cos it has hot and cold items in the same bowl. very nice love the red bean paste. the vanila ice cream is very good too.

Dumplings with fruits and kanten jelly. very disappointing, dumplings are just normal, just like that one my mum cook during the winter solstice festival, fruits are just fruits, a strawberry and 2 small pieces of rock melon, kanten jelly seems like normal agar agar jelly with no colouring and no sugar.

You gotta try the cold ramen, and as for desserts, i advise that you can skip those with soft ice cream, kanten jelly and fruits, cos they are not worth it, you should try the more innovative items.

address: #02-170/171 Marina Square
contact: 6338 1244
ambience: 8
taste: 7
service: 7
value for money: 6 (some dessert are totally not worth it)
overall rating: interesting dishes, some very nice food but some dissappointing


Sharon said...

Hi JX,

Came across ur webpage and happen to know that you are a food lover as well. Would you be able to advise if there's a place suitable for a proposal cause we are planning for my cousin and yet the food is good yet not pricey?


jx said...

the olive at labrador has nice ambience. nice italian food. 211 cafe at the roof top of holland village shopping centre has got nice ambience too, but food not really fantastic. still thinking of alternatives

Fionatsl said...

Hi jx,

As recommended by you, I ordered the cold ramen noodle with seafood in sesame mayonnaise. It's great! Good recommendation :)

Recommend you the Tori Karaage if you have not try before.

My friend tried the ramen on promotion - ramen with scallop & butter in soup. It's nice too :) We really saw a small piece of butter to be mixed into the soup. And the scallop shells are hidden in the 'pile' of ramen.