Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Shin Kushiya

Have read about this place, and had wanted to try but never had the chance. finally i got to step into the restaurant to see if the food taste as good as it looks on the menu. it;s a japanese charcoal grill restaurent, so i presume their grilled stuffs should be nice.

Interesting salt we see on every table, flavoured salt for the bbw food to enhance the flavour. i tried the salt even before the food arrives. they all taste the same, very salty, only the green tea flavoured one had a light bitter taste of tea in it. but i was thinking when you eat it with the food, it wil just taste salty.
This place had a really nice ambience, although the tables are quite near one another, you really feel that you are in a different place when you walk into the dining area, warm lights, transclucent curtains to divide the place in to many sections. sea view by the window. loved it. now it's time for the food
Complimentary salad, it comes with a sauce that taste a little like the chinese bean paste. not bad.
Ton katsu curry don. the curry has a slightly different texture, it seems as if there's small bits of potato or isit mashed raddish in the curry. the chicken was a littel tough too.
Miso soup with yellowtail. not bad, the fish didn't have a fishy smell.
Grilled salmon steak. quite an expensive item, but it wasn't that fantastic, neither the fish not the sauce.
Forgotten the name for this. the on on top is called something like isobeyaki the one at the bottom was suggested by the waitress, so i didn't even see the name. the yakitori was again not a good as i have expected, since it's a charcoal grill restaurant. the flavoured salt didn't help much too.

i had dinner before going, so i didn't order any main course, only snacked on the yakitori and a few bites of the other items. but the bill for 2 still came out to be $50 plus, eyes' opened when we saw the bill.

address: #02-120, Vivo City
contact: 62758766
ambience: 8
taste: 6
service: 6
value for money: 4
overall rating: Quite expensive, don't feel that the taste is worth that much


Anonymous said...

I actually like their curries because it's made thick the traditional Japanese way! Not like the watery version you find at most places. Oh and try the Gyu Karubi the next time!

- Angel

jx said...

we wanted to try that, but it was sold out for that day..