Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Zi Yean Restaurant

Quite an interesting restaurant, situated at the 1st storey of a block of old hdb flat. you usually see provision shops and coffee shops at places like this, but here you find a restaurant that take up all the units on the whole of the 1st storey. i used to eat at zi yean before they shifted here, but when they shifted, i had no idea where they relocated to of that they closed down, until i saw it here at leng kok bahru when i was driving past some time ago.

Doesn't seem the same as previously, we thought the food was better previous and definitely quite a lot cheaper. We ordered less expensive dishes, meaning no fish, no crab, no lobstor, no exotic stuffs.. and it still came out to be about $20 per person.

Reccommended fried prawn in beancurd skin, the skin was very thin and crispy, and the prawn was quite fresh, but it wasn't something really fantastic, we felt that we should have stick to our original order of the cereal prawn
Fried tofu in oyster sauce, tofu was really smooth and the skin is nicely fried.
Pork rib king, this is very good, the meat was really tender and they took out the bone. in most places, this dish is usually quite tough and it's difficult to eat because of the big bone inside. no such problem here.
Brocolli in xo sauce. a little spicy, nothing really fantactis about this.
Duck in claypot with five spices or some call it dog stew duck. the most special dish of the evening, saw this is almost all blogs that talks about this resturant, so we gotta try it. you must have enough people to have this dish, cos the sauce is very thick and rich, you need more people to be able to finish the whole pot. the duck is nicely cooked,the sauce is very fragrant too.
Yam paste. they added pumpkin in it and their coconut milk seems different. it's nice but not the nicest around. gotta go try the one at por kee.. will try to find a chance to go there again and review on it.

I really wonder if we will go down again.. i guess probably for chinese new year, to lou hey, just like the good old days..

address: Blk 56 Lengkok Bahru #01-443
contact: 64740911 64710253
ambience: 7
taste: 7
service: 7
value for money: 6
overall rating: generally quite expensive for a place in the hdb estate, but food is fairly good

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