Sunday, 13 May 2007

Curry Favor

This place has nice japanese curry, it's slightly different from the other jap curries you try out there, it has a bit of indian spice taste, like a fusion of jap and indian curry.
Beef and mushroom curry set. very good, must try, the mushrooms have a fragrant butter taste it them.
Pork katsu set. the pork seems a little too tough for me. but it;s a really large piece of meat here.
Dun really remember this, i think it;s the fried cuttlefish roll with cheese. not very fantastic
Beef yaki... or isit yaki beef.. very tasty, will be even better if the beef is not that well done.
Fried mushroom. this one is really very food. very crispy on the outside with a whole big fresh mushroom inside, perfect with the sauce it comes with.. must order

And the portion for the mains is really huge. if you have a big appetite, this will satisfy you, if not 2 person can share a main. 5 of us went, and we ordered 2 mains 3 sides and 4 small bottles of beer ... it cost $98

Any maybe we were unlucky, the waitress was a little rude. after we ordered our food, we were still looking through the menu for drinks, so she waited for us to flip the menu and look for something we wanted. after that we decided to order later so we told her that. and she replied "oh, and you made stand here to wait for you." before she walk back to the kitchen.. so for that i will have to deduct some score from the service.

address: 39 Stamford Road, #01-09 Stamford House
contact: 68831087
ambience: 7
taste: 7 (for some of the items)
service: 3
value for money: 6
overall rating: A little expensive but the food's not bad.


LiquidShaDow said...

I remember eating the cuttlefish rolls with cheese. They don't use actual cuttlefish right? I recall it being some japanese fish cake things.

jx said...

yes.. some kind of fish cake, but i dun think it;s jap. it's the round kind with a hole in the middle that we usually see during out usual steamboat. and they stuff cheese into that hole