Sunday, 13 May 2007

Chippy British Take Away

Many of you might have seen this, it's right opposite the very much talked about donut factory. and it has been around for some time. something all the way from uk..
Deep fried mars, very special, the flour batter made the super sweet snack less sweet actually, and the cold ice cream with the warm mars bars fits very well. but beware, having too much of it it really heaty
Fried chicken with cheese sauce. maybe the one i had was a little over fried, there were too many small chunks of really hard pieces. not as good as it looks, maybe it'll taste better if you eat it right after you buy it.
cheese saussage with mash potato. i was quite dissappointed when i saw that the mash potato is the one you get at seven eleven. although the one at 7-11 is quite good actually, but now i'm paying quite a lot more, so expectation is higher. but the saussage is big and juicy, very nice..

we were standing near their drinks fridge while waiting for the food and their staff actually banged on to the glass wall very rudely from the inside to get us to not block the fridge and gave us a frustrated look... what kind of service is this?

address: #B1-58 Raffles City Shopping Centre
ambience: 3
taste: 5
service: 3
value for money: 5
overall rating: something special (deep fried mars), but not suitable for frequent consumption

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