Tuesday, 22 May 2007

The Coffee Connoisseur

Commonly known as tcc, come out a couple years back and it is becoming very popular. i have never tried their food there and this is the first time, and i'm quite pleased with it.

We went to the branch at bugis junction, the decor was wonderful. the service was exceptionally good, it has been quite some time since i last went to a place with such good service, you actually feel as if you are not in singapore. firstly the waiter knows the menu pretty well, he was able to tell me what ingredients was used in the items. very very polite, all of them carry a smile on their faces as they walk past your table.

I only took photo of this, cos i was late and everyone else had finished theirs, this is the japanese mozza tofu (somehow, i think i didn't remember the name exactly). it;s tofu with sukiyaki sauce and baked with a layer of cheese.. it was great, he sauce was slightly sweet and with the warm melted cheese, i didn't regret ordering this.

Added (4 July 2007)
Went to the branch at millenia walk on a sunday. the place was quite quiet very suitable for lazing there, enjoying the peaceful environment. i ordered earl grey tea as usual and also pizza baugette, it was not bad. but i'm rather satisfied with the ambience and the atmosphere there. very suitable if you are looking for a quiet place for a lazy sunday afternoon.
address: #01-92-96 Bugis Junction (Click here for other branches)
contact: 68372027
ambience: 8
taste: 7 (only tried 1 item)
service: 8
value for money: 7
overall rating: very impressed by the service, food is good too.


liz said...

i love TCC!! it's my favourite place to go. the food and the drinks are so gd. plus the lovely ambience and service! :D

the standard is really consistent thru all the outlets, which is a gd thing really. :)

thanks for updating ur food blog! :D

Anonymous said...

If you are coffee lover, you simply have to try coffee there

jx said...

haha .. i'm not a coffee lover.. so i couldn't comment on the coffee here