Thursday, 4 January 2007

Madam Kwan's

Whenever i go to kl, this is a place i will never miss for a meal. madam kwan's at klcc is a place where you can find delicious local food. initially when i was reccommended this place, i saw the menu and thought it was overpriced local food. cos they serve items like nasi lemak, chicken rice, plain noodle soup, laksa etc... which you can easily find at food courts and coffee shops.

But after trying it out because it was reccommended by a few people, i realised that the food here is simply fantastic. yes it was the food that we see anywhere out there, but it's just a lot tastier here, and now you have a nice environment and good service together with it. they even put strawberries inthe plain water that they serve you.

Nasi lemak, be careful, it's really very spicy, not reccommended for those who cannot take spicy food.
Assam laksa, most of us in singapore call this the penang laksa. this used to be really good, but on this visit, the fish didn't taste as fresh, i'll take it that it's just this time, unless it's the same the next time i come.

I've been here countless times, so if you are here, there are a few items in the menu that i can reccommend. nasi bojari, plain noodle soup (yes the plain noodle soup is tasty unlike it's name), fried rice, beef rendang, chicken rice with mushroom. if anyone ask me what is nice there, i can say "everything" quite confidently.. so remember to give it a try and let me know how you feel about the food here.

address: Suria KLCC Level 4, KL, Malaysia
contact: (60)(3)2026 2297
ambience: 8
taste: 9
service: 8
overall rating: You must not miss this if you are in KL, it's the best


LiquidShaDow said...

Tried the Nasi Bojari? It's good too.

jx said...

Yes i've tried that, in fact i prefer that to the nasi lemak because it's less spicy.. they now have a branch, but i cannot remember where it is. the branch at klcc is still the most convenient

Anonymous said...

I never missed MADAM KWAN when I am in KL for a vacation.

Try the Fish Head Curry (if I remember right, it is RM$70)... Really different taste from the typical Singapore one... A lot of DAO-POK and big serving...

The Petai Prawn, Otak and the fried drumstick are also great...

Anonymous said...

besides klcc, you can check out Mid Valley shopping mall. they have a branch there.