Saturday, 13 January 2007

Aji-Tei Japanese Restaurant

Visited this japanese restaurant at basement 2 level of takashimaya. they seemed to have wonderful dessert in their menu, but we didn't try the dessert. only went there for dinner and decided to go somewhere else for dessert.

The food was not too bad, but it wasn't fantastic. they have quite some dishes that you cannot find at the usual conveyor belt japanese restaurants. they have this omelette called tonpeiyaki(top right item in photo below) which has slices of pork in the omelette served on a heap of fine cabbage strips, that one was good!! the black pepper ton toro looked good too (top left), but it was a little overcooked, cos it was quite tough when you bite it. maybe because the mains didn't really impress us, so we decided to give the dessert a miss.

Service isn't very good too, the waiters and waitresses dun seem to be professional, but for the price you pay there, we cannot be expecting too much. the price is generally cheap as compared to other japanaese restaurant.

address: Bugis Junction 01-88-09 /Takashimaya Department Store B210-2
contact: 6333-9880(Bugis), 6732-4873(Taka)
ambience: 7
taste: 6
service: 6
overall rating: the food is quite cheap, can try is you are there.

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