Sunday, 8 April 2007

Hwa Kee Barbeque Pork Noodles

I have always loved the wanton noodles at east coast.. oh.. over here, it's called the bbq pork noodles, not wanton, i guess becuase their wantons aren't fantastic but the bbq pork is just fabulous... the sauce they use for the noodles is really shoik too!! i was so into eating the noodles that i forgotten to take a photo of the stall. but luckily i found others who blog about this and photos are available there. Whenever i'm at east coast food centre (before renovation) i must eat this noodle, the sauce is really sweet, i like it that way.. and the bbq pork is juicy with come 'chao ta' crispy parts .. but after renovation, i thought this stall has shifted away cos i couldn't find it... until now!! and this plate that you see is only $3, i'd gladly pay that amount for such nice food.
Fried wanton, not bad too, the small bite size wantons are good to go with the noodles.

Updates (14 Apr 2007)

Went there again to take a photo of the shop since i missed it the first time round, but this time the queue seems to move slower, it took us about 20mins to get to the front of the queue, you might wanna see the queue here. and the auntie asking for orders at the shop seems very friendly for such a famous stall (usually the attitude of the staff is inversely proportional to the polularity of the stall).

address: 1220 East Coast Parkway, East Coast Food Centre, Stall No. 45
ambience: 5
taste: 8
service: 4
value for money: 9
overall rating: 8

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