Sunday, 1 April 2007

Island Creamery

Heard about island creamery some time ago but never got the chance to try it until recently. It's at the junction of farrer road and bt timah road, in this building called serene centre, you can see this shop from the outside of the building. It has a nice ambience, make you feel like sitting there on a lazy afternoon just to nua.
I tried the chocolate with oreo cookies bits (i forgotten the name of the flavour) and the fresh banana. It was good, but wasn't fantastic. it's definitely better then the normal ice cream that we usually have, but there are a handful of ice cream cafe around that serves better ones. could i have tried the wrong flavours? anyone tried other flavours and felt that i should go try again with the other flavours?
You won't miss their wall, it's filled up with photos of their customers, they provide a photo printer where you can print your photos stored in your medis cards and then sign on it and put it up on their wall, but when we were there, they ran out of photo paper to print on. so .. we did not leave any photo on it.

address: 10 Jalan Serene, Serene Centre #01-05
contact: 64688859
ambience: 7
taste: 6
service: 5
overall rating: 6

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