Sunday, 8 April 2007

Pepper Lunch

I have never tried the food at pepper lunch, so decided to try it for dinner, and i went to the branch at novena square. they have quite a few other branches around the island. the waiting time for the food is slightly longer than other fast food joints, but for steaks, i can say this timing is quite fast. pricing is also more expensive than other fastfood around.

Hamburger steak, my friend tried this so i;m not too sure of the taste. Hitokuchi cut steak, i spent too much time taking it's photo that one side of the meat got cooked too well, and became a little tough, the other side was nice though.

Generally, it;s a nice place, you can play with you food a little before eatting, tossing the meat and the veg around, decide doe yourself how well done you want your beef to be. add just the right amount of sauce for yourself. a nice idea. and food is quite tasty, will go back, and this time, i'll make sure i'll flip my meat early to get it cooked just the way i want it to be.

Updates(2 May 2007)
"Yaki Shabu" Pepper Lamb, very good, there's that bit of the lamb taste that i like, but not so strong that you cannot haldle it. and it cooks very fast, just gotta give it a few stirs, and you can leave them on the bean sprouts..
Salmon and chicken combo. not a good idea to order chicken, because even till the time the heat wears off from the hot plate, the chicken is still not fully cooked. go for items that cooks easily.

An advise, do not stay in the restaurant for too long, unless you don't mind smelling like your lunch for the rest of the day.

address: check out their website
contact: click on the link above
ambience: 6
taste: 6
service: 7
value for money: 7
overall rating: A fun place for meal, food will be good if you can do it well.


Anonymous said...

i had the same problem wid u when trying to take the photos.. wat if there are many frenz oso there and i doubt they be willing to wait for us to finish taking the photos! hahaz

jx said...

in the case, we have to request that the food all be served with 3 mins interval.. so that we can take them one by one .. haha