Sunday, 15 April 2007

New York New York

If you take mrt often, you would have seen this when you are walking along citilink, a restaurant that always has a long queue of people waiting for a place in it. is the food that good? ambience is not bad though, a suitable place for group gatherings (group shouldn't be too big, 5 to 6 will be a nice size). it's my second time there and the first time i was quite disappointed with the food, only the fish and chips could make it.
This time round i ordered the caesar salad, nothing fantastic, chicken strips you can get from anywhere, bacon bits you get of the rack at supermarkets.The mushroom soup cappuccino, something different, gotta applaud them for the innovation, but foamy mushroom soup tasty a little finny, texture is similar to melted low class icecream.

So i guess the food as disappointed me once again. if you happen to be there for a gathering, just order the fish and chips! Now i'm wondering, how come there are so many people waiting to eat here!! willing to wait in the queue for that long for mediocre food!!?

address: 1 Raffles Link, Citylink Mall #B1-47A
contact: 6341 9695
ambience: 7
taste: 4
service: 6
value for money: 3
overall rating: 4

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