Thursday, 28 June 2007

Popeye's Chicken & Biscuits

The first time i saw this fast food chain was when i was in jakarta, but never tried it there. i first tried it around a year ago at changi airport and i totally loved the biscuits. soft on the inside and hard on the outside.I don't get to go there often as the airport is quite far from my home and also from work. but whenever i'm there, this place is always having a very long queue.
The fried chicken is similar to kfc's crispy fried chicken. but i think popeye's have a slightly richer taste. but my fave is still kfc's original. also note that if you want specific chicken parts, you gotta add 50 cents.. hhmm when if i like the small little wings, so if i choose 2 pieces of wings which is so much smaller than the other parts, i still gotta add 50cents?
My favourite item, the buttermilk biscuit. loved the milk and butter taste in it. i can even eat it on it's own. but i feel that the best way to eat it is with the mash potato and the gravy. always feel like having more than 1, but i usually order the chicken and i have no more space for extra biscuits. next time i gotta order just biscuits and mash potatoes.
Mash potato is smooth and soft, gravy is special, with minced meat and some other stuffs. prefer this to the kfc's version.

Coleslaw is a little too sour for me. still prefer the sweeter version at kfc.

I loved this place so much that i almost forgotten what else there is to eat at the airport. whenever i'm there, be it going overseas, sending friends and family overseas etc etc, i'll get everyone to go eat at popeye's, i wonder if they will even open branches out of the airport...

address: Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 1, 3rd floor.
ambience: 5
taste: 5 (7 for the biscuits)
service: 5
value for money: 6
overall rating: nice biscuits you dun get anywhere else


elfy said...

FYI..there's another popeye's at Singapore Flyer =)

Anonymous said...

what camera do u use for the above pics? thanks!