Sunday, 3 June 2007

Hill Street Tai Hwa Pork Noodle

A friends was telling me there's a very famous bak chor mee at crawford lane, and there's always a queue for it, so since we are going somewhere near town, we might as well drop by to try it out.While queueing, i was reading at some of the posters they had on the wall. this hill street tai hwa pork noodle, has been around for very long, as the name suggest, it was initially at hill street, and there was a time they were at marina square food court, there was even quite a large newspaper article where they posted on their relocation to the current place at crawford lane. btw, i realised that thei have a website here.

The noodle is not cheap though, it;s $4, $5 or $6. compared to the usual bak chor mee at coffee shops or hawker centres, it's slightly more expensive.. but definitely worth it. if you are going to try, i suggest the $5, because it comes with more ingredients like the wanton.

The mee pok is cooked just nicely and there are so much ingredients in a bowl of noodle.
This is the mee kia. they put vinegar just to the right amount that makes it taste really great, some places put too much that it smells pungent. i'm not a fan of chilli, so didn't had chilli on mine, but my friend's comment was that the chilli is really good, and since it;s not very spicy, you should actually add more of it.

address: Blk 466 Crawford Lane #01-12
ambience: 3
taste: 8
service: 7
value for money: 7
overall rating: wonderful.. must try

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