Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Mini Steamboat Delight

Mini steamboat delight is located at parkway parade, in the basement food court, right beside the drinks stall. i'm not sure if you can make reservation cos while we were queueing, there was this customer who said she called to make reservation and then the staff said she dunno anything about it and then walked away.

They have their 2nd branch at novena, opposite novena square, and i think there's a thrid branch at junction 8.
The sauce the serve is very similar to the one at coca. and i really like the one at coca, every now and then, i'll still go there for steamboat just because of the sauce. so here you have a cheaper option but with service standard much lower.

No buffet available here, everything is ala carte, they have packed all the food items into individual packages and nicely wrapped, when you place your order, they will serve these wrapped items to you, and the rest is up to yourself. including adding more soup. you gotta go get the soup and add it in yourself!! first time i encounter this at any steamboat joint.

One important item in steamboat for me is the pig's liver, their pig's liver is fresh and is sliced very thinly, so it's easy to cook, i like it this way. at some places, sometimes the liver is not fresh and after cooking it becomes very powdery and it contaminates the soup with that powder. sometimes it's sliced too thick and by the time the liver is cooked the layer outside had become too tough.

No complains about the food.. just not happy with the service and the attitude of the staffs. there was only 1 staff who actually smiled and was really courteous when serving us our drinks.

address: 80 Marine Parade Road, #B1-118 Parkway Parade
contact: 63482070
ambience: 4
taste: 7
service: 3
value for money: 4
overall rating: very nice sauce, food quite fresh, poor service.


Ra!NFaNTaSY said...

I tried this before but after the meal..tend to be very thirsty..Guess there's too much MSG in the soup..

Anonymous said...

hey you should try out the steamboat at roxy square basement(opposite parkway parade). it used to be the steamboat at parkway before the foodcourt underwent renovation. food there will definately be cheaper than the parkway one. if you're going on a weekend, be prepared to wait. food is fantastic but service sucks. make sure that you're feeling very patient if you're going there.