Saturday, 9 June 2007

Hog's Breath Cafe

7 of us went to the hog's breath cafe at vivocity for dinner, the place was suggested cos a friends tried it once and found it not bad. decor of the place is quite different from the usual restaurants, it gives you the country ranch feeling. if you get a seat by the window, you get a wonderful view of sentosa and if there's a cruise parked at the cruise centre, yu can see it very clearly too.

This is interesting, we were a little shocked to see the salt and pepper placed in a large corona beer bottle. i think they do not need to refill the bottle for many months, there's just so much in them..

since there're so many of us, there'll be photos of quite a number of items to come, will give my views on the food items individually, and it's up to you to decide if you wanna go try it out for yourself. managed to find the menu online at their website, so i decided to place the price here too.

Caesar Salad($12.50) . the egg was wonderfully cooked, just nice with a bright orange coloured yolk, i can never get this effect at home, usually the eggs anywhere else are overboiled. the chicken taste alright, and the salad is fine too. nothing really special except for the egg.

Crispy Chicken & Ranch Salad($14.50) . dun really like this cos these vege are a little bitter. didn't try much of this, oh and there's chopped baked potato in this salad, quite special.

Finger Food Combo ($17.95) . potato skins is not nice, calamari is good, buffalo wings is fine, chicken tenders are not really tender. the honey mustard is nice though.

Macho Nacho($11.95) . totally not worth it, nachos are normal, would expect the dips to be better, the ones here are quite tasteless, and they seemed to be a little stingy with the cheese. we have to dig to find the melted cheese. i dun think you can even see it in the photo.

Cheese Burger in Paradise($14.50) . not bad according to a friend.

Blackened Prime Rib($32.50) . the beef was good. we had it done medium, i think it would be nicer medium rare. oh and if you order a main and had to choose between mash, baked potato or fries, choose mash potato, their mash is fabulous, very smooth and buttery.

Chicken Dijonnaise($20.50) . this chicken is tougher then the chichen tenders on the finger food platter. the sauce is unique and quite tasty though.

Fish and Chips($19.50) . dun be fooled by the size of the fish. 2/3 of it is flour and oil. there's only a thin slice of fish inside. a very oily item, you feel a little sick of the oil after a while, i guess too much batter is used and lots of oil are trapped there

Atlantic Salmon($20.95) i realised that i didn't get to try this, maybe if anyone who have tried it can comment on this.

The bill came out to be about $31 per person, i felt that it's on the high side, considering we didn't order drinks, no dessert, no liquor, only food!! I dun think i'll go there again. But i gotta comment that the waitresses there are all very courteous and friendly, with one of them being a little forgetful but comical.. no complains about the service standards. they should lower the price of the food..

address: #03-07A VivoCity (see other branches here)
contact: 6376 8378
ambience: 7
taste: 5
service: 7
value for money: 5
overall rating: generally quite expensive for the food standard


Fionatsl said...

Hi jx,

Hmm...that time I said I was 'paisey' right? But after looking at your review on Hog's Breath, I think I might as well give u the link to mine on this cafe @ HV.

Write-up wasn't as good as urs though :P

But truely speaking, u should have tried Atlantic Salmon.

Oh btw, u have missed out the 1-for-1 offer from UOB cc for the HV branch. That really saved a lots :P

And if u noticed, the service charge is actually 15%. After dividing the amt days later that we realised that :(

eggtarts said...

hey jx! nice blog here! got a few recommendations for u to try and then write up on. 黑社会 at Vivo, the Dim Sum are 50% off during wkdays 3-6pm. The AMK crab also very nice, not sure the location, but can call 91469932 to make bookings and check!

jx said...

fionatsl: oh you like the mash too.. and they said no discount for any cc, didn't know about the hv branch. but i dun think i will go back there anytime soon. and i definitely did not realise the 15%, are they allowed to charge 15% service?

eggtarts: thanx for the compliment, so visit often... never been to heishehui, but a few friends felt that the food is not worth the price, but with 50%, i gotta see when i can take time off in the weekdays. heard about amk crab too, gotta find the right time with the right crowd, cos gotta wait long i heard