Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Ah Yat Abalone Forum Restaurant

This restaurant used to be at singapore shopping centre, before they shifted to allson hotel about a year ago. it took me some time to find the phone number to call to confirm the address
Please remember to call up to make reservation, cos we didn't and ended up waiting more than half and hour for a table, there's an uncle sitting at the entrance of the carpark, just let him valet park your car, i think it's free. driving into the carpark yourself is going to be a horrible experience, because it's really small

We took the set meal because we do not have to wait too long for that. anyway, it was the abalone that we wanted to try, and it's included in the set meals. here are some of the dishes we tried
Buddha jumps over the wall. this soup has a really rich taste and the ingredients are really good. large pieces of shark's fin, sea cucumber, chicken, pork, etc etc. wonderful start for a meal.
The famous abalone with goose feet, this abalone is really different from those you get from cans. it's much more tender, the ones you get from cans are usually quite tough, this one is really slippery and tender when you bite into it.
Shark's fin. so different from the ones you get at wedding dinners. the fins come in a piece like fish maw..
A different version of the shark's fin.

The set meal you can choose from cost $48 or $60 before extra charges. not cheap, but the quality of the food is very good. another thing i'd like to add is that the service standard of the staff is very very high. i have never been to a place with such good service for a long time. every single staff, from waitress to managers, never fail to put the smile on their faces, prompt response to all your requests, like new plate, more tea, even an simple after meal chit chat. this should be the first time i'n giving a 9 for service on my blog.. this service makes you really feel that it's worth the money eating here. maybe that's why this place is so crowded.

address: 101 Victoria Street Allson Hotel Level 1 & 4
contact: 63322288
ambience: 8
taste: 7
service: 9
value for money: 7
overall rating:

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