Wednesday, 13 June 2007

PS Cafe

Heard about ps cafe some time back from a few people, got mixed reviews about the place, finally i went to to see it and taste it for myself. been there twice, both times late at night, just for tea and dessert.. i've yet to taste the food there. i wonder if it's good, cos it's not very cheap.

Here are some of the stuffs that i've tried.

Mint and lime soda, tasted like normal lime juice with mint leaves scattered over it.

Earl grey tea. they give quite a generous amount of tea leaves, even after you ask for a refill of hot water 3 times, the tea still comes out thick and fragrant.

The "something i cannot remember" brownie with ice cream. dun really like the texture of this brownie, it felt that it's too thick and sweet.. i have tried their double chocolate cake and felt that it's a better choice as compared to this.
Here's something interesting, they serve their sugar cubes in a small glass and they throw pieces of cinnamon into the cup. i think they left it like that for a while, cos you can actually smell the cinnamon when you pick up the cubes.. i think the sugar cubes itself with the thin taste of cinnamon makes a good candy..

The first visit gave me a good impression, ambience and environment is good, service was good, drinks and dessert are not bad too.. but the second time, we encountered a little rudeness in the service. hopefully it's a rare case.. will definitely go back there though. i think a good time to be there is during dusk, try sitting there and feel the environment change from day to night.

address: 28b Harding Rd
contact: 9070 8782 / 6479 3343
ambience: 9
taste: 6
service: 6
value for money: 7
overall rating: nice and quiet place to chill out. wonderful environment

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