Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Taste of Thailand

Those staying in yishun sembawang and woodlands would most probably have heard of "a taste of thailand" situated in sembawang shopping centre. it used to be one of the stall at the basement food court before giant took over the basement level. then it took up a huge space on the 4th storey. now that sembawang shopping centre in under major renovation, they have shifted to a coffee shop in yishun. a few items that you must not miss if you happen to be there.

1. the famous fried fish with thai chili sauce the fish is so nicely fried that i can chew on it;s bones till everysingle bit of flesh is eaten up, leaving the plate with a set of clean bones, try not eo pour thw sauce on to the fish. dip the fish into the sauce just before eating
2. deep fried sotong. reminds me of calamari, this goes very well with the fish's chilli sauce.
3. pineapple rice. i love this esp with lots of pork floss, and you gotta mix them up real well before eating so that you have the pork floss all tossed up in the rice.
4. tom yam soup. i like their soup, but some of my friends doesn't. you gotta try this yourself. photo of the soup wasn't nice, so i'll update on the photo when i try it again next time.

some vege that we ordered. nothing special

address: 1001 Yishun Industrial Park A, Yishun Industrial Food Centre
contact: 67589121
ambience: 3
taste: 7
service: 7
value for money: 7
overall rating: cheap and good food


Anonymous said...

Since you like this Taste of thailand, I wonder how you would find Thai Accent in Vivo city. Heard the food there are nice and authentic, with resonable price too. Looking forward to see the posting of it in your blog soon.

jx said...

I have yet to try Thai Accent .. will find a chance to try that out..