Tuesday, 3 July 2007


Seldom go for mexican food cos unlike jap or italian, you have in mind what kind of food you are going for. i totally have no idea what to expect for mexican food except for nachos.. this place was suggested by a friend who has got a good experience dining here.
It's located near clementi, and you gotta drive there, it'sat the end of a road in a private estate, it's on the first floor of an old apartment. looks interesting from the outside. a little retro i gotta say.

Looked at the menu and as expected, i didn't know what to choose, so what we did was to get the waitress to help us with the food, told her what we do not want to have and she suggested a few items for 6 person to share. and definitely we gotta try their margarita since they are named after this drink.
Plain nachos with salsa dip was served as appetizers. the dip was really spicy, i dun really fancy spicy food but i happen to like this.. i could take the salsa even without the chips.
The appetizer was so good that we decided to try the nachos in the menu, it was served impressively, the garnishing the cheese, and we finished a plate in no time. we had to order another plate after the latecomers arrive.
Lime margarita, frozen, really nice. i never liked tequilla, but over here the tequilla taste that i didn't like wasn't that obvious, probably the lime had covered it, and the drink it strong, i could feel it after a glass of it.
Chicken quesadillas,a little like popiah but with slightly thicker skin. there's melted cheese and chicken strips in the wrap and the combi is fantastic. just a small slice for each of us and it made us more hopeful for the upcoming dishes.
Didn't know the actual name for this dish, only knew that it was cod fish. fried, it was very crispy on the outside but the fish is still tender and very soft inside. with some bean sauce to go with. i realised that they use a lots of mash beans in their food.
Chicken again. but this time it's as a main, the gravy reminded be of idian food, a little spicy, you can smell like curry like smell when it was served. chicken is tender, and the gravy is interesting
This was served with the chicken. initially i thought it was something like curry rice, but when i tried it, the gluey things that came with the rice is actually mash beans again. felt a little like mash baked beans but without the tomato taste.
Final dish was the beef. suppose to wrap it in the tortila and accompanied by the various sauce. i especially like the fruit salsa, sweet and sour and refreshing.

The experience there was really good, the staffs were friendly and helpful. food was delicious, ambience was really good too. it's quite a small place, so remember to make reservation if you intend to try it out.dinner came out to be $300 for 6 person. quite expensive considering we didn't order dessert, but i felt that it was quite worth it. a nice place to go again but not often, or i'll have a big hole in my pocket..

address: 108 Faber Drive
contact: 67771782
ambience: 8
taste: 8
service: 8
value for money: 7
overall rating: wonderful experience, will definitely go back again

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