Monday, 23 July 2007

Yet Con

An old authentic restaurant at purvis street. i think it has been there for quite some time. you can see from the decor and the signboard. it's not a big place, so try to be there early if you do not want to wait for tables. they serve chicken rice, tze char and steamboat, all hainanese style. We ordered a mixture of them so that we can try them all out.

The chicken is tender and nice. although not the best that i have tried, it's better than most chicken rice stalls.

The pork chop is very good. pork is first deep fried, but it didn't make the meat become tough, then it's stir fried with sweet and sour sauce and potato. excellent, please remember to order this if you go there

The steam boat comes in sets. beef or non beef. the beef set just has for lot's of beef chunks with an egg, the non beef set comes with pork, chicken, fish, crockles, pig liver and an egg. the soup looks boring initially, but after a while of cooking, it became very tasty, but towards the end, it became very salty. so remember to drink the soup at the right time.

I think this place is quite well known, on a sat, it was already fully seated at around 7pm. a good time to be there will be 6 or slightly earlier. i dun think they accept reservation. and the aircon was good. there are some steamboat places where the aircon dun funtion really well and you end up soaked with sweat after the meal. this is someting you dun have to worry about over here.

address: 25 Purvis Street
ambience: 6
taste: 7
service: 5
value for money: 7
overall rating: nice good food. not very expensive too

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