Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Tong Ah Seafood

Went to this chinese zi char place at keong saik road for dinner on the recommendation of a friend, ok it's along this small road called teck lim road off keong saik road. it's actually quita a small coffee shop with a back alley where they actually use for quite some tables too. it's just a few steps from the boutique hotel 1929.
It's called tong ah seafood, and they have very friendly staffs.. i'm not sure if it's the boss as i never ask. but they were very friendly when we asked for recommendation of dishes.
Fried chicken in claypot, the chicken was first deep fried, then sitr fried in the claypot with some sauce and curry leaves.. the end result was fantastic, taste similar to the curry leaf chicken at zi ran seafood. but i think this is a little better than that one.
This dish was strongly recommended, they insisted that we try this when we are afriad that it might be too fatty, the braised pig's trotter. and true enough, it was very tasty, only the skin was fatty, what's inside was lean and tender. very nicely done, taste very well with plain rice.. must try.
Order the vege called nai bai in chinese, maybe someone can enlighten me on the english name for this veg..

A place that i will definitely go again and i strongly urge everyone to go give it a try, i heard it's usually very crowded, i went at 6pm on a sat, the crowd wasn't there yet, but i can see that they are expecting one, because of the numerous tables laid along the back alley.

address: Teck Lim Road
ambience: 4
taste: 7
service: 7
overall rating: 7


Anonymous said...


if i am not wrong, the dish is call "baby shanghai bok choy".


Anonymous said...

I want eat braised pig's trotter.. super long din eat le.. hahaz.. the place seems to appear on newspaper or show onez rite?

jx said...

haha.. bok choy is still not english.. isit bai cai in some dialect?

this place for appear on tv ar? so popular one ar?