Sunday, 18 March 2007

S11 Ang Mo Kio

Went over the the s11 hawker centre at ang mo kio central to pack some food for dinner at a friend's place. in the end i chose fried hokkien mee, mee goreng and indian rojak.Hokkien mee was dry and quite tasteless, no wonder there was no queue, the ba chor mee a few stalls away had such a long one.. so probably the hokkien mee was not good in the first place, plus the fact that i packed it, and it became dryer when we started eating, making it worse.For all indian rojaks, it's the sweet potato and peanut sauce that's the most important, cos that's theo nly thing thats different across all the stalls. for this, i will actuall give it a fail, there was a strong charred taste in the sauce and it was so watery. hai .. disappointedLuckily the mee goreng was still ok, very spicy just lack that bit of sweetness that we will expect from tasty mee gorengs.

On the whole this dinner was not not enjoyable, the food was generally not nice.. looks like i gotta find other places to tabao next time.

address: S11 Ang Mo Kio Central
ambience: 3
taste: 2
service: 4
overall rating: 3

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