Monday, 5 March 2007

Victor's Kitchen

Went to try the dim sum at victor's kitchen from the recommendation of a food blog that i stumbled upon. it was said that the food there was good and cheap, so i gotta go try it. got the phone number, i called up to make a reservation, the person on the other line seemed to be very busy, talked very fast in a hong kong accent. i told him the time and number of people, he replied ok and hung up, he didn't even ask for my name and contact number... hhmmm. we were quite surprised when we reach there cos we ended up sitting along the corridor of the shopping centre. when we finally got the food, i can agree with the recommender that it's really very good!!
Char siew bao, fluffy on the outside, sweet and tasty in the inside.
Pork ribs, very tender, not tough at all.
Chee cheong fun, smooth and slippery with large fresh prawns in it.
Ha gao, thin skin packed tightly with lots of prawns.
Fried wanton, very large with crispy skin served with a special vinegar sauce.
Chicken feet, never tried this, i dun eat chicken feet
Carrot cake, very different from others, steamed till soft and gluey, served with soy sauce.
Siew mai, nothing special about this
Chicken porridge with century egg, look bland but actually very tasty.

This is one of the best dim sum i have ever tried, and it's only $27 for 3 person. really very cheap and we ordered so much food. This is definitely a must try! Dun bother making reservations, they won't remember it, they are too busy in the kitchen, go there and look for seats yourself.

address: 91 Bencoolen Street, Sunshine Plaza, #01-21
contact: 98382851
ambience: 4
taste: 8
service: 6
overall rating: 7

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