Thursday, 29 March 2007

Tong Shui Cafe (Revisited)

Been to another branch of this cafe some time ago, you can see the review here. Decided to give it one more try since this is a new branch, it might have tasier food.

Ordered the usual milk tea, something you won't miss at any hk style cafe. the one they have here is totally unpassable. it's worse than the $1 one you get at coffee shops. It's not thick , not sweet, seems as if water is added to dilute the drink.. even i can make one better than this.
Deep fried prawn with mango.. haha .. where's the mango? we couldn't even tast it... another failureBaked rice, not pad, this is the only passable item we ordered. quite tasty according to my friends, i did not try this.I ordered the macaroni cos it was not bad when i tried it the last time. but standard has dropped, soup was not tasty. that's bad enough because it's the soup that makes a difference since the rest of the items cannot differ much.

Dun try... go to the other cafes ..

address: 215 Upper Thomson Rd
ambience: 5
taste: 2
service: 4
overall rating: 2


liz said...

have you been to kim gary at vivocity? it's another hk cafe, that's supposedly quite famous in m'sia.

i think that the baked rice there is really not bad. at least i feel it's much better than swensens in a certain way, plus cheaper too if u order the set meal! :) can go give it a try. heh.

jx said...

Yes ... heard about it.. and really wanted to try, but there's always a long queue of people waiting for seats there, and i haven't found a time that i was in the mood to wait that long for a seat.. looks like i gotta wait till the hype is over before i get to try the food.