Sunday, 18 March 2007

Marché @ Vivo City

Had dinner at the new marche @ vivo city, i had quite a good impression of the food at marche from the one at heeren. This time, i was a little disappointed by the food, i felt that the standard has dropped a little, but on the whole i will still recommend this place.A very nice setting on the 3rd storey of vivo city, it's like a standalone restaurant with glass walls on the rooftop, ambience is good.
I always have root beer at marche cos i think that's the best drink there. Something new, the seafood paella, i have tried paella at other spanish restaurants and i liked it, so we decided to give this a try. not good, it's not worth $15.80 at all, it was quite bland, i had to add salt myself to get it to taste better, probably because they make a huge pan of rice then they transfer it to a small pan for you, so there isn't any charred rice on the side of the pan which i like. Grilled salmon, medium. it was a good choice for medium, well done would have made it very tough. the wasabi mayonaise was good too. Mushroom soup, this time round, it was self service, you take your own bowl and take as much soup as the bowl can contain, and as kiasu singaporeans, we too so much of the toasted bread. the mushroom soup is still fantastic, a must have at marche. My favourite item at marche, the rosti. i'm a potato freak, so i generally like all potato dishes. the rosti at marche taste nice when the surface is a little charred so it becomes a little crispy on the outside and soft in side.. eat it with the sour cream and the frech onions... ooohhh... good.. must try too..

It's probably the expensive paella that riun my first experience at this new marche. everything else was good..

address: Vivo City, 1 Harbourfront Walk #03-14
contact: 6376 8226
ambience: 9
taste: 6
service: 8
overall rating: 7

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Anonymous said...

i kinda of felt they cheated my feelings when i went for the time time at vivo.. they din provided the root beer!!but i was actually looking for ginger beer.. hahaz.. guess i will go again ..