Monday, 5 March 2007

MacDonald's Omelette Bagel

MacDonald's came out with a new item for their breakfast, bagel with omelette. decided to give it a try before it gets of the menu cos i think this is a seasonal item.
The omelette is nice. it reminds me of times when i'm overseas and i have american style buffet breakfast in the hotel, there'll always be omelette served fresh from the pan, yum yum. the bread itself is quite chewy i must say, you need to work your teeth a little more as compared to the mac muffins, but i like it. If you haven't try it .. it's worth a trip there one of the mornings, you can even tabao it, which is what i did.

address: All MacDonald's in Singapore
ambience: 4-8 (depending on the branch)
taste: 7
service: 4-7 (depending on the branch)
overall rating: 7

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