Friday, 2 November 2007

Botan Japanese Restaurant

A small scale restaurant in far east square, the place is not very big, so remember to call up for reservation if you want to dine there. I heard it's always packed during weekdays for lunch.
Very cosy interior, jap decor, makes you feel quite warm having jap food there. staffs are quite friendly, and you need really patient staffs because someone like me will ask quite a lot about the food items because the menu doesn't say much. and everytime i was there, the staff never fail to please me with their patience. thier sets are quite worth it, i feel that the portion is too large for 1 person, so 2 person can actually share 1 set and order a couple side dishes.

My favourite, the cold soba with tempura set.

Special order, not in the menu, chicken with ginger and spring onion, this taste very chinese style.

I dunno how to name this, also a special order, spcifically ask them to make this cos i like this kind of egg. but realised that all the sets come with it... should have ordered something else.

If i didn't remember wrongly this is the botan set. very comprehensive set, sashimi, sushi, tempura etc etc...

The chef, i think he's a japanese, cos he was talking to a few customers in jap.. and for the japanese to visit this palce, i would think it means that they feel that the food here is authentic right?.. go try it.. and taste it for yourself..

address: 36-37 Pekin Street (Far East Square)
contact: 65364404
ambience: 8
taste: 7
service: 7
value for money: 7
overall rating: Large servings, order different sets to share.


Anonymous said...

what's the price range like?
botan set, how much?

jx said...

The botan set is around $25, if i can recall correctly. This meals of 2 sets and 2 side dishes cost us around $65, 3 of us ended up very bloated. This amount of food would be just nice for 4 and we will have space for dessert.

Anonymous said...

Hi to whoever you are,

Thanks for introducing so many good foods at all kind of places. Came across your site today, probably would give some of the places you intro-ed a try. There're a few places that i would like to share. 1) Singapore Flying Club - Sunset Grill & Pub. Serves pretty decent food and those who patronises there are mainly ang mohs. nice view of sunset. 2) A restaurant over at Bottle Tree Village selling seafood. Please let me know how do i contact you so that we can share more food in future! :D

nuanda said...

go raffles place for lunch boh jio

nuanda said...

we go haru one of these days

jx said...

I went on a weekend for dinner.. i was saying this place is crowded on weekday lunch time, feedback from my brother when he was still working in town. and where's haru?

nuanda said...

one fullerton. most restaurants in raffles place are crowded on weekday lunchtimes...

Big Fish said...

Food here is excellent. Been eating here for hundreds of times :)

hirai said...

there is another japanese restaurant in far east square too. beppu menkan ramen. but it had moved to china square central, just a road apart (china street).

jx said...

hi hirai..

Yar the ramen is the one where you can choose the level of spiciness right? the last time i tried that was many many years ago.. even before i started this blog