Monday, 12 November 2007


This is an interesting place, they serve italian food like pasta and risotto, but it's in a food court, at basement 2 of takashimaya shopping centre, you just had to queue up and order and the staffs will arrange seats for you.

Their kitchen is the open concept kind, you can actually stand in front of the galss panel and see how the chefs are whipping up the dishes, i find this quite stressful from the chefs..

Appetizer platter consisting of cheese stick, calamari and fried prawns... totally not worth the price, looks like stuffs you can get from the supermarket and deep fry it yourself at home.. please do not order this

Mushroom soup with garlic bread. the bread was good, they use foccacia for the garlic bread.. the soup was uite tasteless though.

Baked risotto with cod fish, the fish was quite good, but the rice was too watery and the cheese didn't taste good, portion is quite huge, a little too much for 1 person.

Baked risotto with sausage, ham and i think it was bacon. nothing special, i could only finish half of it.

Japanese baby scallop penne in cream sauce with prawn roe. the pasta was not bad, the sauce was interesting and tasty. i should have ordered pasta instead or rice..

Generally i wasn't impressed with the food, i might go again to try out the pasta, this meal for 3 (soup an garlic bread for all) person costs $52, you decided for yourself if it's expensive. portion is large though

address: Takashimaya food court #B2-04-2-1
ambience: 4
taste: 6
service: 6
value for money: 5
overall rating: not expensive, but the food is not great too

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