Saturday, 24 November 2007

Sze Hwa Ba Kut Teh

Was at kulai on a visit to my relative's place, had to go up early in the morning so that we won't be caught in the jam, and since we are there early, cousin brought us to this coffee shop kind of place for ba kut teh, yes for breakfast.

Salted vegetable is something you must get to eat with your ba kut teh, the one they have here is normal, nothing too special.
Ba kut teh.. fantastic, in singapore we usually get the very pepperish soup, and you can feel the spicy sensation after drinking the soup. over here at sze hwa, the soup is not pepperish at all, it has a nice herbal taste to it, i just love it!! the meat was really tender too, according to them, the meat taste good becasue it's fresh pork meat, not frozen one like we have in singapore, frozen meat can never achieve such standards.
You cha kuey is a must for me, i love to soak the you cha kuey in the soup before eating it, i myself can finish 2 bowl of this!!

But one thing i dun really like is their pig organs, they seemed to be a little overcooked, cos the kidney and liver were both quite tough. so if you happen to be there, just order the ba kut teh.. this meal for 7 person cost around rm$80. you decide for yourself if it's cheap of expensive.

address: Kulai, Johor, Malaysia (Do not know exact address)
ambience: 6
taste: 8
service: 7
value for money: 7
overall rating: very tasty, but not as cheap as expected


Anonymous said...

Hi, just pop over to check out yr food blog. Yes, this shud be the all time fav bak kut teh shop in Kulai. I love it as it's not so peppery which mars all the bak kut teh taste. Kidneys is the best meat! Keke... I'm always there too early and they are not opened yet.


Anonymous said...

you went all the way to malaysia for bak kut teh? hehe it's 30 odd sg for 7 people. very reasonable what... the balestier one, came up to about 50 sg for 4 of us. maybe we ordered more...not too sure... :) -tong

jx said...

yeah rene.. the bak kut teh there is so much nicer then the pepperish one in singapore..

tong: we went to kulai to visit my grandma, so dropped by this place for breakfast