Sunday, 28 October 2007

Gyu Kaku

Gyu Kaku is located in Chijmes, if you go in from the main entrance where the driveway is, it's on the left side. This restaurant serves japanese bbq food. initially i thought that most of the food are cooked bbq style, like yakitori and grilled meat etc.. later i realised that every table has a charcoal grill and you get to bbq the food yourself.
Horenso salad, with spinach and mushroom, drizzled with japanese sesame sauce. very simple dish, but the taste is wonderful. a must have before the meat dishes..

Pork, i'm not sure if there's a special name for this pork. this pork is sliced very thinly and thus it cooks quite fast and won't get too tough.

Wagyu tongue, this item is something i have never had in my life, i tried a piece, the texture of it is a little chewy a little bouncy, a little like pigs liver, i dun really like that texture, but the rest of the guys loved this ...

Wagyu special plate, with meat from different parts of the cow. initially it looks scary, cos it quite bloody, but after cooking, it's really very good, esp with the dipping sauce provided.

Foil items, like prawns, scallops, butter potatoes and squids. the scallop tastes a little funny, like not very fresh, but the rest were just fabulous, esp the squid, the garlic and the squid tasted very well together, the prawns were large and fresh. the potatoes turned out a liitle charred, and the charred portion tasted very good with the butter. Because the items are all wrapped in the foil, and we are not good in cooking at all, we didn't know how long to leave the items on the grill, there was a staff attached to our table and he took note of all the timings of the items on the grill and removed them at the right time, thus all the food were cooked for just the right amount of time.

Beef fillet sizzling on the charcoal grill, the fire was strong, the meat cooks really fast, you just need to flip it over after a while and wait a while before you can have nicely barbequed beef in your mouth.. just pick it up with your chopsticks, dip it in the sauce and eat it!! this way of eating is really shoik.
As you bbq, there wil be bits of the meat stuck to the grill, a good service they provide is to change the metal grill regularly, so you always have clean non stick grill to bbq your meat.

Generally, the experience dining here was veryvery good, the food was near perfect. service is very good, i like the way they attach a staff to serve a few neibouring table, that staff knows very clearly what was ordered, how were the items cooked, and made sure things are cook just nicely. ambience was very cozy, one thing is that because everyone is doing barbeque, you leave the place with some smell on your clothes, not very strong though, cos they did install ventilation fans around the grills to prevent the smoke from filling up the place.

I think this is the best review i have given on this blog so far. i really feel that this is a wonderful place for a nice dinner with a group of friends, in fact it's a nice place for a dinner for 2 too.. check out their website..

address: 30 Victoria Street, #01-01/03 Chijmes
contact: 63334001
ambience: 8
taste: 9
service: 9
value for money: 8
overall rating: Very good food, Very friendly staffs, Cosy environment, it all comes with a price. approx $80 - $100 per pax. Must visit if it's within your budget


elfy said...

Hi JX!

i heard a place serve good pizza but i have yet get to try it out....

Mont Calzone
38 Pekin Street
#01-01 Far East Square
Singapore 048768

Tel: 6557 2304

reiz said...

Just came across your blog.

Good review on Gyu-Kaku! Had also enjoyed my dining experience previously too! I had mine at UE square though. Pricey but the price was totally worth it for the quality of the beef and stuff.

Same as well, the staffs at UE square were very friendly!

The rice cake dessert was good too! :)

nuanda said...

better than kazu?

jx said...

i have never tried kazu.. where's that?

elfy: will find a chance to try the pizza there.

nuanda said...

kazu is at cuppage centre - been around for years. A well kept (but crowded) secret until it was featured in the sunday papers a few months back. it ALWAYS happens to my favourite joints. *&^%#

Vanessa said...

Gyu-Kaku is our family's favourite restaurant. We love their wagyue beef,horenso salad,sesame ice-cream.I love their Yuzu fitz!