Tuesday, 23 October 2007

The Sweet Stone

A friend told me about this place, and after 2 previous failed attempts to try the chocolate at the sweet stone (first time, i went at around 8pm, and it happen to be the day it closes early. second time i went during a weekday lunchtime, and it was closed, it was his sister's wedding day), i finally got to try it out and i must say that this is a place that all of you reading must go try!!
They sell waffles, and you can have it with their special belgian chocolate dip. the chocolate taste is really rich and the interesting thing is that it doesn't solidify!! usually when we have chocolate fondue at other places, they serve it with a tea light to keep the chocolate warm, but after a while, you see the chocolate dip turning hard on the bowl. this one they have here is not served with any heating element but it remainds liquid even till the last drop.. totally impressed.

We got the royal claypot fondue set which comes with waffles, fruits, marshmellow, and 2 scoops of ice cream. Having these with the chocolate dip was really heavenly.. they have a few flavours of home made ice cream, and you must try to super lemon flavour, very sour, very shoik!!! although it doesn't go well with the chocolate, but you can eat it separately right?

You'll get a loyalty card to collect points, and when you get 20 points, you get a fre waffle, and by registering the card online, you get extra 20 points!!! it's time to go collect my free waffle!! check out their website here..

address: Blk 505 Beach Road (Golden Mile Food Centre) #01-67/76
ambience: 5 (Hawker Centre)
taste: 8
service: 9
value for money: 7
overall rating: Something you won't expect in a hawker centre, much better than expectations. Impressive

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